Many people who are very good at their work go for that next step and promotion and then wonder if they have done the right thing. In a new job you can’t ask your new boss if you’ve made the right decision – that’s where you need a coach who can be an insightful friend helping with any potentially tricky conversations that you need to have or just to help you feel in control of your career.

Pam Macdonald may be the coach to help because she has personally made some significant career transitions (across functions, into new industries and after redundancy) as well as coaching dozens of people through the same process.

The step up into senior management is bigger than many of us anticipate and unless you have good, impartial support it can be a challenging time. Most of us don’t want to take work home to our family and friends, and we don’t want our new boss to wonder if they chose the wrong person to promote – so we keep our questions and doubts inside.

Sadly the time it can take you to work this out on your own could be too long. Stress and worry can take their toll on your health and relationships at home. And whilst you may think that you are covering your doubts well – I have no doubt that people around you will have noticed a change. If your new manager is one of them then s/he may also have growing doubts about whether you are right for the job.

Pam has worked with many people who have felt this way and has supported them to make empowered choices and inspired decisions.

Working with Pam is guaranteed to provide you with a different perspective that will help you to:

  • find your way and establish or reestablish your professional brand
  • clarify what is the right role for you
  • confirm your skills and strengths and where they may best be applied
  • regain your sense of confidence and capability
  • develop an effective strategy to manage your career

Pam has a powerful 90 day coaching program that includes an assessment of your strengths, confidential conversations and planning, as well as personal coaching session as well as a six month program that includes more sessions and a deep dive into you and your career.

Contact Pam today to book a discovery call to confirm how her coaching can transform your career.

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