Meet Pam

1110-081_N007_WEB_7x10_CPam Macdonald is passionate about what she does. Regardless of what that is. Work. Hobbies. Coaching. Speaking. She brings passion to everything she does.

And with passion comes results.

As the director of Broadspring Consulting, Pam delivers HR and people performance strategy to her corporate clients with a unique style and insight.

Pam also works with individuals as a coach and mentor seeking to bring out their best and to support, encourage and believe in them achieving their goals and making effective change.

With a career spanning 20+ years Pam has seen it all in terms of how people work with each other.

Pam holds a unique combination of executive HR, change management and practical line management expertise that places her as a highly sought after expert, advisor and facilitator.

Pam is also sought after as a speaker and as a coach. Many people who have heard her speak have sought her out as their personal coach.

Call Pam on 0438 843970 if you are curious about engaging her as your coach or if you organise conferences or events where you need energy, passion and rock solid content.

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