Customer Service Needs Great Teamwork

This week I’d like to share a story about teamwork (or the lack of it) and its impact on customer service. Earlier this week I went to see a play – I subscribe to the full season of a theatre company and usually see one play a month.  About 10 minutes before the scheduled start time – […]

What do Missy Higgins and Good Managers Have in Common?

Well Missy took a 5 year break from music because she’d “forgotten why I wanted to write music in the first place”. For her, losing the connection with her music and her purpose turned her passion into a business and a job.  For an artist and a musician that can be a hollow place to […]

When Something Going Wrong is Actually Something Going Right!

There are times when things “go wrong” and when you look back on it you realise that the “wrong”thing was actually the “right”thing, or the best thing that could have happened.  Has that ever happened to you? OK, I realize this could be a little confusing.  Let me explain… Have you ever had something planned, or been […]

Five Best Spring Career Tips

These 5 tips will suit whether you are reading this as someone wanting to spring clean your career or as a manager wanting to understand how to sort the spring bulbs from the spring fluff. And spring is the time to look closely at your career. The year feels like it is almost over and you might […]

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