Stop Learning! Start Doing!

It’s time to stop being passive and waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

Stop being the “smaller” person in the story

Start being a leader and showing your skills

Start putting what you have learned into practice


Inspired by a comment – “You’ve got to learn to earn”  Grrrrrrr

To earn you need to

  • put your skills and strengths to targeted use
  • understand what problem you solve or value you add
  • make a difference
  • do something!

This whole concept of needing to learn more before you can earn more does my head in!  Now those who know me may be scratching their heads as I am a strong advocate for professional development and lifelong learning.  That is still very true.

What I disagree with is a blanket comment stating that people need to study more/buy more books/enroll in more courses/sign up for more videos before they can be successfull

I call BS

Most of us know a lot more than what we put into practice and that is the problem. It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know that makes a difference.

None of my coaching clients has asked for my qualifications when asking for my help and advice.  And when giving me their grateful feedback, none mentioned that I did such a good job because of my qualifications or learning. What makes me a good coach is my ability to ask very good questions and to listen intently.

Please do maintain your professional skills and accreditation but it’s time to start putting all of your knowledge and experience into practice.

Test out the theory.

Apply the concepts

Have an honest attempt and do your very best

We need more of that in our economy and our society.

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